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Dubai drama's

Posted on October 29, 2004 at 5:57 PM
The annual 24 kart race in Dubai was once again held at the American University of Dubai amid heavy security due to world events. Anthony once again partnered Hunter Abbott, team mate in November 2000. They were joined by fellow instructor and 3 times National Single Seater Champion Amanda Whitaker. The trio joined Dubai resident racers Alex Maddock and Gregg Sedgwick in the 'Safe Kids' team. Competition was the toughest yet and featured the karting World Champion Colin Brown, the Le Mans and European Champions and many National Champions.

The track surrounding the prestigeous American University of Dubai

The safe kids team participated in a promotional tour of colleges in Dubai on behalf of Johnson & Johnson (Middle East) for the 'Safe Kids' campaign to educate young drivers on road safety and the new child seat belt laws.

Anthony takes the microphone next to Hunter and Amanda

The team used good strategy to lead the race during the early part of the race, but a combination of mechanical failures (brakes seizing) and unlucky accidents (causing tyre deflation, bent rear axle and chassis) blunted their challenge and they finished 17th out of 45 runners.

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