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Anglesey Disappointment

Posted on May 17, 2009 at 2:44 PM

The start of the SPEED series at Anglesey was a disappointment for Anthony, Barry & RLR Msport.

Despite having been on the pace in testing, qualifying was a disappointment as a combination of issues made Anthony start in a grid slot of only 6th. Windy conditions made the car unpredictable and a locking rear end into slow corners caused by a oversized rear tyre caused Anthony to be off the pace.

Despite this, Anthony took the opening stint and raced well to run in 3rd place at the start behind Nick Padmore's Norma & Rob Garofall's Juno. However, the locking rear end caused Anthony to have an uncharacteristic spin and he dropped to 7th just behind team mate Phil Bennett. Anthony repassed Bennett shortly after, but it was all to come to nothing as the car cut out with electric problems that lost the team a dozen laps in the pits and Barry rejoined.

He drove a good stint but could not reclaim the lost time & finished in a distant 8th place.

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