Anthony Dunn Racing

anthony dunn. racing driver. tutor. presentor.


Anthony has been a freelance performance performance driving instructor for over 14 years and he works throughout the UK, Europe and the United States of America. He has a huge amount of experience in teaching all disciplines of the sport, is an ARDS licence holder (Grade S) and also has ATDO qualifications and an International Race Licence.

Together with partner Amanda Whitaker ( he works at Silverstone and many other racing schools. He also works for various Corporate clients & most major car manufacturers.


"Speed is one thing common to all instructors, but Anthony posseses a rare ability to communicate where his speed comes from."

Andrew Stevens - Client 




Wanna Go Faster?

Anthony also specialises in working on a one-to-one basis to help develop on track technique, discipline, vision, car control and overall performance driving knowledge for many repeat clients. For more information on his Personal Tuition please click below: